About Us




Our Mission - "to inspire your passion to ride so you enjoy more fitness, freedom and fun in your life"


Rider bicycle shop  was founded in 2015 by Abdulrhman Al dulejan , a veteran of the bike business with over10 years of experience in bicycle retail. Our  crew have been providing the greater  Eastern province with unique knowledge concerning the issues all types of riders face in the, a city where the number of bike commuters is increasing steadily every year. Our dedicated staff and mechanics are knowledgeable of virtually every type of riding. Whether it be Mountain, Road, Track, Single Speed, or just simply day to day commuting, our staff is here to help you with anything you and your bicycle could possibly need.

At Rider bicycle shop  we sell what we ride. If it’s not good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for you! It is our mission to give you the best value for your purchase while offering the best components and equipment geared towards your style of riding. We specialize in custom hand-built wheels, custom bike builds, bicycle upgrades, bike fitting, retrofitting, and much, much more. Stop by the shop today and check us out!